Workplace Crash Diet – Employees are what they eat

Crash Dieting can often be tempting due to their promising fast results however quick weight loss rarely lasts long term. Crash diets can be misleading and often result in a diverse impact on the body.

Reasons not to follow a crash diet: –

The diet is unbalanced – cutting calories causes the blood sugar levels to drop and results in the employee feeling hungry and therefore over indulges on carbohydrates. Employees will lose concentration and have less energy at work.

The diet results in water weight loss – although the scales might show a lower figure this won’t be due to fat loss. Lack of water in the body will cause employees to feel weak and tired, become dizzy and fainty.

The diet causes blood sugar to drop – this causes the body to think its starving and therefore slows the metabolism to try and store fat rather than burn it. This can cause employees to feel distracted and low.

The diet cuts out good fats – the body’s’ fat burning metabolism suffers without fatty acids. The body then will store any fat intake. This can cause employees to feel unwell and have head aches and be susceptible to illness.

The diet causes weight loss too fast – the body will need to learn to maintain the healthier weight. Employees can feel faint whilst at work and have mood changes.


  • 2/3’s of the world’s population is overweight or obese
  • 25% of males and 45% of females are always on a diet
  • 95% of people put any weight the lose back on
  • In 15-24-year-old, the death rate from anorexia is 12 times higher than from any other cause
  • The average adult should drink 5 – 8 glasses of water every day
  • 30% of your daily diet should be protein

A balanced diet and regular exercise is the proven way to lose weight and tone the body keeping it fit and healthy

Encourage healthier eating in the office: –

  • Eat lunch together at a team bonding session to increase moral
  • Encourage employees to take breaks and find a work life balance
  • Provide a water cooler to encourage an increase of water intake
  • Suggest employees go out for walks on their lunch break – exercise boots brainpower and reduces stress
  • Provide employees with health insurance policy these often include discounts on gym membership, health related products i.e. fit bit’s, discount on bicycles and family days out.

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