Off to University? Student Healthcare Advice

Off to University? Your first time living away from home? If you are a parent or student be organised and stay health whilst studying.

BDHL’s quick checklist……

Register with your local GP: It is important to register with a local GP that is closer to where you are living as a student. This way if you do require emergency care you will have access to health services quickly. This is vital if you are on medication or suffer from a health condition such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy.

Register with a dentist: GP’s are unable to assist with dental emergencies or treatment. Therefore, it is vital to also register with a local dentist. It is also important to go for regular check-ups as prevention is always better than cure.

Check your vaccinations: It is advised to check that all your vaccinations are up to date, including your annual flu jab. Students should also be immunised against mumps before starting studying. The MMR vaccine is part of an NHS childhood schedule, this means that young people who have grown up in the UK will have two doses. All students are now eligible for a vaccination to prevent meningitis W disease.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle: It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst studying. Find the right balance between work and social. If workload becomes too stressful then speak to a tutor or councillor. Eating fruit and vegetables can help maintain energy levels and concentration, try to keep fast food to a minimum. Drinking lots of water can help the body to stay refreshed and only moderate alcohol intake. Avoid illegal substances and smoking which are damaging to the body and can cause serious illnesses.

Consider student health insurance: There is specialist insurance cover available for students. For students studying in the UK or abroad, from contents and possessions insurance to accidental damage to landlord property affordable cover can be sought.

  • Universities have links with specialists such as psychiatrists, physiotherapists and counselors.
  • Dental treatment on the NHS is the only service where you must contribute to the costs of your treatment.
  • All students up to the age of 25 are eligible to be part of the NHS vaccination programme.
  • Before you start university confirm with your GP that you have received two MMR vaccines.
  • The Men ACWY vaccine protects against four causes of meningitis and septicemia – MEN A, C, W and Y diseases.
  • Drinking water can help to reduce the risk of cancer, help fight infection, aids healthy skin and heart and improves overall productivity.

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