Motivation: Fun in the Office

The average working week in the UK is 43.6 hours and in many cases it can be higher. When a role requires repetitive tasks for 8 hours or more remaining sharp and focused is a task in its self. Typically we choose roles that match our qualifications and for most we prefer to be employed within a business sector that is of interest. Organisations recognise the need to employ staff that fit the ethos of the company, that are self-motivated, hardworking and can work independently or blend well within a team.

However to guarantee that a company can then go on and retain these staff once employed they need to nurture each employee individually and offer them more than just finances to remain competitive within the market. (

To keep productivity at a high level, maintain a positive working atmosphere and morale levels at an even keel not to mention hitting financial targets many companies are now adopting a modern ‘google’ style approach to ‘a day at the office’.

The Google head office campus is a 26 acre park in the USA. The open spaces include water features, shallow pools and fountains. Google employees are able to travel around the Googleplex site on company provided bicycles. The interior decoration is modern in style and facilities including ‘breakout’ rooms and a piano in the entrance hall. There are also two swimming pools, sand volleyball courts, free laundry rooms and eighteen café’s all with a variety of food options. As well as being considered a fun place to work – the employees are then motivated to come into the office and there is also emphasis on employee health and wellbeing through sport and a range of facilities on offer. Employees are made to feel appreciated and important and therefore they are more willing to give their time back to the company. (

Recent research suggests that UK based businesses are now starting to introduce similar facilities in the office to stimulate team building and increase efficiency by working in a positive environment.

You do not have to be a large google style organisation to achieve similar results. Any business large or small can create areas within the office where employees are encouraged to go and ‘chat’ together. Some companies have invested in pool tables and according to Table Tennis England there has been a significant increase in companies buying table tennis tables for their employees to use to de-stress and re focus.

The notion of applying a more relaxed and dynamic approach to the working day is something that has already been adopted and utilised in other countries around the world. For example in Japan many companies offer relaxation and yoga classes before the start of the working day. This is to mentally prepare employees so that they enter the day in an optimistic fashion. This also provides a form of exercise and encourages employees to stay active and healthy. It also helps employees to feel cared for by their employer and ultimately motivates them to give extra back to the business.  (

Surely the logic behind introducing a friendlier fun atmosphere at work is unrivalled in modern businesses. In 2013, 131 million days were lost due to sickness and absenteeism within the UK costing businesses more than £15 billion for that year and 15.2 million working days were lost due to mental health problems such as stress, depression and anxiety. (ONS, sickness in labour market date. Feb 2014)

SME’s & larger corporations tend to offer an employee benefits package that might include group medical insurance, group risk and employee assistance programmes but why not help to prevent the need to claim on these policies in the first place by introducing an active working setting. Leading Insurance providers recognise the positive results of these benefits and have added a number of FREE perks to taking out a health insurance policy including discounted gym membership, access to diet and nutrition plans as well as the opportunity to clock up fitness related ‘points’ through staying active allowing policy holders and their family to gain discounts on fun days out. Again the method behind these benefits are emphasised on prevention superseding cure.

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