Income Protection – 6 Reasons to Take out a Policy

Income Protection

In the UK, one million people each year are unable to work following a significant injury or illness (ABI 2017). Finding yourself in a position where you cannot earn an income, and are unable to live off your savings or sick pay, can leave you in a compromising situation. Income protection insurance, unlike critical illness cover which provides a single sum for certain illnesses, will ensure that employees continue to receive an income for as long as it is needed.

Here are 6 reasons why companies should establish income protection policies within employee health and wellbeing programmes:

  • Covers most illnesses

It’s not the same as critical illness insurance which covers only a definitive number of illnesses in one ‘lump sum’ payment.

  • Long term benefit

Income protection insurance will ensure employees continue to receive payments until they retire or are able to return to work.

  • Unlimited claims

Employees can claim as many times as they need to. This is opposed to the one-off ‘lump sum’ that critical illness pays out.

  • Cost effective

Reduces the impact that long term absence costs have on the company. What’s more, it’s cheaper than the cover an employee would be able to access independently.

  • Attract and retain the best employees

Offering income protection insurance as part of an employee benefits package will ensure a company has the best talent in the competitive employment market

  • Rehabilitation for employees

Support and advice is given in addition to financial support to help employees return to work smoothly, and sometimes sooner, benefitting both the employee and the employer.

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