The Importance of a Work Life Balance

A work life balance is being able to balance between work life and home life. The reality of a sound work life balance is as much to do with having the wherewithal to prioritise rather than juggle our health, life style, hobbies, family and spiritual necessities. Anyone who works in order to be productive and motivated their needs to be equilibrium between these two main parts of life.

Looking for a job? Even after the blossoming years spent at university, it can be a daunting and competitive process for many in their early twenties choosing the right career path and finding work.  Once employed, there is invariably a level of pressure to be successful, deliver results and further a career. This combined with social media and technology advances means that employees can and more often expected to stay in contact with their work commitments outside their normal working day.

Work related stress problems in the UK are currently costing around 10.4 million days per year, with nearly three in ten employees experiencing a mental health problem annually. A key indicator for ensuring that mental health issues do not affect employees is to ensure as best as possible that the necessary support mechanisms are in place that actively promotes a healthy work life balance.

Recent research carried out by the Mental Health Foundation found that more than 40% of employees are neglecting parts of their home life due to the demands of their work, whilst 27% of employees felt the need to work longer hours than set out in their contract of employment causing them to spend time outside of work worrying about the implications of taking a holiday or break during evenings and weekends.

The implications of this working cycle are that nearly two thirds of the employees who took part in the research had experienced a negative impact on their personal life, from deteriorating physical and mental health problems, to poor relationships and personal development.

For a work life balance to improve we must all take responsibility and learn to manage our time more effectively.  Time management can be vital when balancing a career and a family. Preparation before anything for example meetings can enable a work smart, not long attitude. Whilst speaking up when work demands are high or delegating workload amongst colleagues can help to bring together a team spirit.

Employers should do their bit too, encourage their employees to actually take a break away from their desk; this can help increase productivity and positivity; most particularly in the afternoon. After a difficult day at work taking exercise or spending time with family and friends can help to clear the mind and relax. Ensuring that employees also receive the right amount of sleep is vital in order for the body to be able to operate at maximum capacity.

Within the workplace having a health and wellbeing strategy can directly motivate and retain employees. Whilst ensuring that employees feel cared for and valued. At BDHL we provide both private and corporate clients with total health care insurance benefit.

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