How to stay healthy whilst travelling abroad

If you or any of your employees are going abroad this summer, they need to be vigilant about their health before and during their holiday. A health issue abroad could potentially be more dangerous and impact on an employee’s return to work.

Before anyone travels abroad they should research the host country to find out information regarding the local area. The challenges in a new and unfamiliar location are likely to include religious or ethical differences, potential language and cultural barriers and for many being away from the comfort of familiar surroundings can be a trigger for stress.

An employer or HR manager can successfully help prepare employees before they travel overseas from expatriation, adjustment and repatriation through careful training and through the provision of an essential and well thought out employee health and wellbeing package. It would also be advised to ensure that all medical records and jabs are up to date before travel.

During any flight there can be a risk with suffering from DVT – Deep Vein Thrombosis. This is caused by the veins not flowing fully due to sitting down for long period of time. DVT could lead to a blood clot. People who are more likely at risk of suffering from DVT are smokers or a medical history of circulatory problems and pregnant women.

BDHL would advise that during a long hall flight or drive you take the opportunity to have a break and walk and stretch your legs. Drinking lots of water and avoiding alcohol and coffee will help to keep the body hydrated and wearing flight compression socks will help keep the blood flowing around the body.

Ensure whilst you are abroad that you take necessary food and drink hygiene precautions. It is advised to wash hands regularly, drink bottled water and avoid any under cooked meats. It can also be useful to carry hand sanitising gel or wipes.

It is really important to be aware of the dangers of being exposed to too much sun. Sunburn can be extremely painful and become cancerous. When the body temperature rises you are also exposed to heatstroke. Stay in the shade between the hours of 12 -3pm when the sun is at its strongest. The charity skcin promotes the 5 S’s of sun safety. Slip on a t-shirt, Slop on SPF, Slap on a broad brimmed hat, Slide on quality sunglasses, Shade from the sun whenever possible.

Travel insurance is an essential when travelling abroad either on holiday or for business. It is always important to receive the latest professional advice; here at BDHL we actively monitor the marketplace to guarantee our clients receive maximum health coverage for a minimum cost. We specialise in tailoring bespoke packages to meet demand as well as managing the daily succession of the policy.

Even if you have a policy already in place, either corporate or private, then the BDHL team are happy to look over it and where necessary bring it in line with modern healthcare policies.

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Enjoy your holiday with family and family and return to work well-rested, self-motivated and more productivity.