Health Benefits of Regular Physical Exercise

Physical exercise can help improve overall health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. Adults in the UK, 19 to 64-year olds, should try and take part in at least 150 minutes of physical exercise each week to be a prevent chronic conditions such as a stroke and heart disease.

Exercise can be in different forms – for example going to the gym or cycling can be as beneficial as walking, doing the housework and carrying shopping if the body is getting warmer, breathing harder and heart is beating faster. A lack of physical exercise is costing the UK an estimated £7.4 billion each year.

Encouraging employees to take exercise each week can help to reduce the risk of:

• Dementia by up to 30%
• Hip fractures by up to 68%
• All-cause mortality by 30%
• Cardiovascular disease by up to 35%
• Type 2 Diabetes by up to 40%
• Colon cancer by 30%
• Breast cancer by 20%
• Depression by up to 30%

A recent study found that around 1% of all cancers are linked to people doing less physical activity each week. The lack of exercise can increase risks of breast, bowel and womb cancers. For example, a women who spends 2 hours a week carrying out moderate activity can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 5%.

Physical activity can also reduce bowel cancer as it aids bowel movements meaning cancer-causing substances can be passed more quickly. It reduces insulin and some hormones which at high levels can promote growth of tumours as well as reducing any inflammation of the prostate.

For people that are diagnosed with a mental illness or cancer – exercise can also help to reduce the impact of the some the side effects such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, mobility and weight changes.

Taking part in sporting events has a huge impact on peoples emotional and physical wellbeing. Providing a sense of purpose and value as well as life skills such as teamwork and the importance of dealing with both success and failure / win or lose. These social gains cannot be taught and are only developed through sport and social interaction with people. Exercise leads to reduced stress, improved sleep and better quality of life.

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