Five top tips before you travel on your summer holiday

The summer holidays have started, and everyone is planning and packing for their next trip abroad. Whilst travelling abroad for either summer holiday or on a business trip it is important to remember your health before, during and after your time away from home.

It is important to be aware of diseases that you could potentially encounter whilst you travel and stay abroad, especially if you are visiting a high-risk country that is less economically developed.

Research before you travel – always investigate the country that you are visiting and find out about their healthcare status and system. You might need to take preventative treatments such as malaria tables or specific vaccinations before you travel. Ask your local doctor for information or check health websites online.

Be organised – before you travel check that your vaccinations are up to date and ensure you see your doctor 4-6 weeks before you travel in case you require any specific preventative treatments. Vaccinations require multiple injections over a period before they are full effective.

Provide proof – some countries will ask for proof of vaccinations before allowing you into the country. Certain documentation will be required even if you are only visiting that country for a short period of time.

Pack your bags – always ensure that you pack the essentials for the country you are visiting. If the country is hot then sun cream, sunglasses, a hat and light weight cotton clothing is advisable. Other essentials include hand sanitizer and insect repellent as well as a basic first aid kit. If you are travelling on a plane, risks include deep vein thrombosis therefore ensure you wear comfortable clothing and compression socks, ensure that you stay hydrated and when possible have a walk about to stretch the legs and ankles.

Insurance – prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, ensuring that you have travel insurance in place can aid if the unexpected were to incur. International Private Medical Insurance can further provide medical protection.

It is vital to take our insurance before you travel and to speak to a specialised insurance broker to ensure that the policy is suited to your requirements. BDHL specialise in employee benefits as well as insurances for families. Providing our clients with maximum health coverage and bespoke packages. For further information call 01892 891900 or email

Enjoy your summer holiday!