Are your employees winter ready?

Vitamin D

­­­Vitamin D can be obtained in moderation from direct sunlight on the skin.

Therefore, during the darker winter months often Vitamin D levels in the body drop. A lack of Vitamin D can cause the bones in the body to become soft and weak which can lead to deformities. In adults, it can also cause bone pain, muscle weakness and tenderness.

If you suffer from a lack of vitamin D this will also affect your performance at work at you will have less energy, be more tired and be unable to concentrate.

Flu Vaccine

Are your flu vaccinations up to date?

Seasonal flu is one of the main reasons employees have short term sickness absenteeism during the winter months. For most employees, the symptoms will last for two weeks, having a direct impact on productivity and motivation during this time. It is estimated that flu costs the UK economy £29 billion every year.

At BDHL we work with many leading health companies that can offer workplaces the following options: –

  • Onsite Flu Vaccination Clinics
  • Flu vaccination voucher schemes
  • Combines onside flu vaccinations and vaccination vouchers

Vitamin D Programme

BDHL can advise and support companies on having Vitamin D testing for their employees. The testing and awareness programme provides up to 25 tests per practitioner and allows for Vitamin D management.

Employees can access their results on the same day as well as a full consultation on how to improve with Vitamin D efficiency.  If necessary the employee will be referred to a GP for follow up guidance.

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