What is Employee Well being?

The Chartered Institute of Personal Development defines well-being at work as ‘creating an environment to promote a state of contentment which allows an employee to flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and their organisation.’

Employees that are physically, mentally and socially healthy will be able to provide a positive contribution to a company through self-motivation and engagement with their work. This in turn has a progressive impact on the company.  By employees offering a high level of productivity costs are saved through low employee turnover and absenteeism which further still will reduce company costs on recruitment and training.

To achieve this level of employee engagement and motivation companies need to be actively promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace. A full employee benefits package use to include flexible working, company car, and monetary incentives; however it is now recognised the importance of healthy and protected employees.

Research has identified the 5 domains of well-being within the workplace.

Domain Elements Examples of well-being activities / Incentives
Physical Physical Health


Mental Health


Working Environment


Physical Safety



Exercise programmes, healthy menu options, health education and awareness health checks.

Work-life balance targets, conflict resolution training, relaxation techniques

Chill out areas, ergonomically designed working areas, ecologically sound design

Personal safety training, safe equipment, safe working practices

Homeworking, health and safety

Values Ethical Standards




Psychological Contract


Spiritual expression

Values based leadership, corporate governance, ethical investment, probity e.g gifts / hospitality

Equal opportunities, valuing difference, cultural engagement

Job satisfaction, employee commitment, negotiating change

Recognition of employees religious and spiritual values and beliefs

Personal Development Autonomy


Career development


Lifelong Learning



Team consultation and decision making, management by targets

Mentoring, guidance, self-awareness, mid-career audits, career breaks, sabbaticals, coaching

Access to learning, technical and vocational, investors in people, learning accounts

Innovation and creativity workshops and awards

Emotional Positive relationships




Emotional intelligence


Social responsibility

Respect agenda, assertiveness, teambuilding


Resilience building groups, self-awareness training compassion mindfulness groups

Emotional intelligence assessment and training, anger management, emotional labour

Community activity, recycling, energy saving, pollution prevention, public transport

Work Change Management


Work demands




Job Security

Consultation, involvement, change readiness training


Risk assessments, person job fit


Control, whistleblowing, risk-taking


Working hours, shift working, redundancy policy.


If decision makers and HR management teams can introduce a level of well-being into the work place then the focus is on prevention rather than cure. Employees who feel that they are well looked after are more likely to commit to a company and optimise work output.

A three month case study was undertaken at the retailer, Marks and Spencer; the company offered all employees who were suffering from musculoskeletal health issues private physical therapy. During the trial employees who received treatment were able to continue working, had direct access to treatment, no NHS delays, and absent employees were able to return to work with specific instructions on their abilities to work. Overall there was an 8% reduction in employee sickness, while employee moral improved, an improvement in customer services was observed and general efficiency improved.

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