Employee Benefits – physical, mental and social health at work

The term employee benefits can be defined as a benefit in kind which includes various types of non-wage compensation provided to employees in addition to their normal wage or salaries.

Examples of employee benefits can be company cars, child care vouchers, cycle to work schemes, tuition reimbursement, paid holiday, employer student loan contributions or health and group risk insurances.

73% of businesses are now utilising their employee benefit schemes to ensure that they attract the most talented individuals to their company and then in turn ensure that they train and retain these employees.

Employee benefits can be utilised to help motivate and engage employees as employees will feel valued by the employer and company. Offering benefits such as an EAP will aid employees to speak out about issues either personal or work-related that could be affecting their ability to concentrate.

Many employees struggle with managing a work-life balance, their mental health and overall wellbeing. These issues can cause a drop-in productivity and impact directly on company costs.

Employees that are physical, mentally and socially health will be able to provide a positive contribution to a company through self-motivation and engagement with their work. by employees offering a high level of engagement company costs are saved through low employee turnover and absenteeism, reduced recruitment and training and high office morale.

To achieve this level of motivation companies need to encourage and actively promote health and wellbeing in the workplace through implementing employee benefits.

At BDHL we take the hassle out of organising and managing a total health and wellbeing programme for employees as an employee benefit. Offering market reviews and continuous yearly scheme management for your policies.

BDHL offer a range of services from group private medical insurance, employee assistance programmes, death in service benefit, group income protection, group critical illness cover, health cash plans, group dental insurance and group travel insurance.

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