Differences between International PMI and Travel Insurance?

International medical insurance can be complex. Many people do not fully understand what is covered on their policy, for either a travel insurance or an international private medical insurance. Both types of insurance policy have been created for when people are abroad however the level of cover and the content of the plan can cause confusion.

Before traveling abroad, amongst all the things you need to remember it is vital to have the right type of insurance in place for the stay. This can vary depending on weather your trip abroad is for a business or pleasure or because you are emigrating. Other factors to consider is the destination, and what that specific country offers as their health and hospital service.

A travel policy is designed to provide insurance and emergency cover for a short term stay whereas International Private Medical Insurance is a more comprehensive level of cover for people relocating abroad.

Travel Insurance provides protection against travel issues such as cancelled flights, loss of luggage and personal belongings and emergency medical treatment. Health insurance cover is limited on a travel policy, the main benefit of it is to provide short-term emergency treatment for the specific area that you are staying and then when you are well enough, covers the cost of travel back to your country of residence. When you are home the cover will then cease.

An International Private Medical Insurance policy covers you for both emergency treatment and routine healthcare whilst abroad. There are also optional benefits that can provide expatriates choices of doctors and treatment facilities within their host country. By having a IPMI policy you will also have peace of mind in an emergency when you are not familiar with the host countries health system and might struggle with a language barrier.

IPMI cover does vary but core products usually include out-patient treatment, maternity care, dental care and repatriation. Options extras can be provided, for example – your hospital stay, routine check-ups, cover for pre-existing conditions, cover for chronic conditions and a choice of medical providers.

Many people feel that they need medical insurance but immediately think that cover will be too expensive. However, the fact that all policies can be flexible means that premiums can vary significantly.

It is exactly this service that BDHL as a health and wellbeing broker can provide. We have a knowledgeable team that go above and beyond for each of our clients to ensure that their demands and needs are exceed.

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