Dental Insurance: Are your employees a toothache?

Dental work is one of the few NHS services where you must pay a contribution towards the cost of your care. On average every adult has to have 7 fillings due to toothache and decay- could you afford this? 19% of employees have delayed dental treatment due to cost, in the long run making the problem work and causing them to take time of work. Further to this, 18 people are diagnosed with mouth cancer everyday. With the rising costs of treatments and poor diets leading to tooth decay more people are looking to insurance their teeth. Research shows that employees are requesting dental insurance as part of their employee benefits package with 73% of companies in the UK use their employee benefits program to attach and retain employees.

BDHL can work with all the leading dentist and cash plan insurance providers to offer the right solution meeting your needs and budget whilst providing you and your family and employees with peace of mind and a perfect smile.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance can help protect you against the unexpected and the untimely expenditure of dental treatment, toothache, mouth cancers and tooth decay.

  • Speedy treatment
  • Hygiene treatments
  • Restorative treatments
  • Easy claims process
  • Dentist of choice
  • Treatment without the worry of a large bill to pay afterwards
  • Reduction in lost hours at work
  • Can cover pre-existing conditions (subject to policy rules)
  • Provide the choice of any NHS or private practice in the UK
  • Worldwide protection for accidental damage and emergency treatment
  • Cover for accidents and sports injury

Cash Plan

Cash Plans also provide a financial contribution towards routine dental, optical, chiropody, health and wellbeing, health screening and combined physiotherapy.

  • Claim 100% refund on healthcare bills
  • Annual review
  • In most cases dependent children (up to the age of 18 in full time education) can be covered for free
  • No GP referral required before having treatment
  • Easy claims process

At BDHL we organising and managing a total health and wellbeing programme for employees as an employee benefit. Offering market reviews and continuous yearly scheme management for your policies. We operate across the UK, Channel Islands and World Wide. Contact a member of the team on 01892 891900 or email