What are the benefits of using a broker?

When looking to take out an insurance policy the majority of us tend to start the search by looking on a comparison website. This can be an advantageous way of finding the most affordable options available on; for example car insurance or pet insurance.

However finding the right health insurance policy for yourself, your family and or your employees can become more complicated. There are multiple benefits to build up and add in to tailor a health policy to suit your demands and needs and to fit to a budget. So why not use an insurance broker?

In 2015 36% of companies were using a broker to procure and administer their employee benefits and by 2016 this number had risen to 45%. This increase shows a confidence and place for the broker service within the market place.

Research shows that 9 out of 10 companies, who currently use a broker to manage their health insurance policy, agree that there broker team provide a valued added service.

Appointing a broker to start up and manager your employee benefits scheme does not have any cost implications for the company. Brokers are paid by commission through the insurance company.

Quality insurance brokers provide their clients with all the cover options on the market available to them. Unlike if you go to an insurance company directly who will only offer a few of their own cover options.

Insurance brokers ask their clients ‘fact find’ questions allowing them to find the right policy to suit their clients at a competitive price. Insurance broker’s knowledge of the specialised health market place enables the broker to add in benefits and build up a bespoke plan.

If you have any administration queries for example adding a dependant to your policy or if you need to make a claim on your policy there is no hassle or time lost for the individual or company as this will be actioned by the insurance broker.

BDHL is an independent health and group risk broker that provides an impartial, knowledgeable, bespoke service on total health and wellbeing.

BDHL has over 30 years’ experience in the healthcare industry and the market place is monitored daily by the team. Our clients are provided with a dedicated account manager who administers their policy including membership changes, claims and renewals.

At the annual renewal, our clients are provided with a market review to ensure that their current policy benefits match their demands and needs at a competitive price.

BDHL’s services include all of the below options, enabling anyone to introduced a complete health package for employees, individuals and families wherever they are in the world.

Email: enquiries@bdhl.co.uk

Telephone: +44(0)1892 891900