Barbados: Thinking of remote working on a Desert Island?

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The Barbados Welcome Stamp could mean that working from home for you becomes working from desert islands beach. The new initiative give international visitors the opportunity to work remotely for up to a year in Barbados. Blue skies and sandy beaches does sound like a dream working location, especially during a pandemic compared with sky scrapers and rush hour.

The Barbados remote work visa is open to applicants from around the world – the scheme is proving especially popular in the US, UK and Canada. For a payment of either £1,590 (US$2,000) per person, or £2,385 (US$3,000) per family. To qualify, you must earn at least £39,760 (US$50,000) per year, pass national security checks and have a private health insurance policy in place.

Barbados do have a significant healthcare system in place. The Islands main health facility is the The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, known locally as QE.  There are also a number of polyclinics, public healthcare facilities and several private clinics.

The island is asking people to come with their own healthcare plan in order to access services. Medical treatment can be expensive in Barbados, and the UK Government advises that British nationals have “adequate travel health insurance and accessible funds to cover the cost of any medical treatment and repatriation”.

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