Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Invest in the Future

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool moved and opened into the Alder Hey Park in October 2015.

Alder Hey Children’s hospital has won three awards for its ‘world class’ design at the regional property ceremony. (

Alder Hey Children’s hospital cares for over 270,000 children and their families as well as researching for specific children’s medicine, infection, inflammation and oncology.

The NHS run hospital includes a care of excellence for cancer, spinal, heart and brain conditions as well as a department for head and face surgery, a centre of muscular dystrophy and childhood lupus, a centre for childhood epilepsy, a children’s major trauma centre and hosts Europe’s first intra-operative 3-T MRI scanner. (

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital has started working with IBM Watson to make a free to download app to improve the service received for patients. The app will allow patients to create a profile so that clinicians will know their favourite games, films, colour and so on. This will allow the doctors and nurses working with the children to build up a patient relationship and ultimately offer an improved service and experience.

Mr Iain Hennessey, a paediatric surgeon and director of innovation at Alder Hey, told the BBC: “Helping our patients and their families prepare properly for coming into hospital will really reduce their anxiety and could mean we can get them better and home faster. Alder Hey is famous for caring and that’s what I wanted to build on.”

The app will allow families to ask any question that they may have about staying at Alder Hey Hospital; as well as answer questions that they may have on clinical procedures, general anaesthetic and surgery. Going forward the app may also be able to provide insights into treatment and care options and provide a summary of patient notes and pick out trends across the hospital.

IBM’s European director for Watson, Paul Chong, commented: “I’m thrilled to see IBM Watson technology applied to help doctors and their patients in the effort to improve the lives of children and their families.” (

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