5 reasons to value of your employees sleep

Sleep is an involuntary, essential process for humans to be able to function. Sleep is a necessary for assisting with repairing and restoring the brain and body.

It is vital to achieve a balance of nutrition, sleep and exercise for a total health and well being lifestyle.

Nutrition – A lack of sleep tends to leave to unhealthy meal choices as we are too tired to think about eating or take the time to cook a balanced meal. Poor sleep is also linked to obesity and diabetes.

Sleep – Sleeping for 8 hours per night combined with a healthy balanced diet and regular exercises boost energy levels, increased motivation and help to aid with immunity.

Exercise – Taking exercise in the morning helps to boost our metabolism and kick start our day, whereas exercising in the evenings can make is difficult to sleep. Exercise also helps to de-stress.

In the UK we are sleeping 20% less than we did 40 years ago. This is due to a more stressful lifestyle, the difficulty in finding a work life balance and the impact of technology allowing people, work, family, friends to be able to communication 24/7 from around the world. This lifestyle that we have adopted is resulting in employees being unable to relax and sleep.

5 reasons to encourage employees to Sleep

  1. On average a healthy daily amount of sleep should be between seven and nine hours per night
  2. Sleep deprivation costs the UK economy £40bn a year due to loss of productivity and absenteeism
  3. Employers including sleep as part of their well being strategy has increased from 42% to 88% over the past 12 months
  4. Employees suffering from sleep deprivation are widely affected by negative cognitive, emotional, physical and social performance resulting in increased presenteeism and absence.
  5. The sleep aids industry is growing and is currently valued at £59million

For a business to grow and have the majority market share they need to always be one step ahead of their competitors. The importance of healthy, happy employees is vital in ensuring performance and productivity remain high. Employees are a business’s USP, the greatest asset therefore their well being and sleep health is a priority.

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