12 Top Tips for Keeping Cool this Summer

The weather in the UK for the past month has been record breaking with temperatures of up to 28 degrees. It also looks like the heatwave conditions are set to continue over the summer months. Whilst the summer weather is lovely and being outdoors has many health benefits, it is also vital to stay safe during the heat.

The main risks for people during the heatwave are dehydration through not drinking enough water, Overheating and heat exhaustion or heatstroke causing dizziness and sickness. Older people, young children and people with a chronic condition are more vulnerable during the heat.

  • Stay hydrated – drink lots of water and cut back on alcohol and caffeine drinks. Keep a bottle of water with you as your travel and at work.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather – wear loose fit, comfortable, cotton materials that are light weight.
  • Wear a hat when outside in the sun.
  • Slow down when it is hot – exercise either in the morning or later in the evening when its coolers.
  • Eating foods with a higher water content can also provide a way of keeping hydrated.
  • During the peak times of the day 12-3pm when the sun is strongest, stay in the shade.
  • Avoid enclosed spaces such as the car which can get very hot, quickly.
  • Keep your eyes protected from sun damage by wearing sunglasses.
  • Always remember to apply sun cream. If you are outside this needs to be regularly throughout the day. Sun burn leaders to a greater risk of melanoma.
  • Invest in a fan for home and in the office
  • If you have pets, then ensure that they are also kept cool and have access to clean water
  • If you feel hot then take a cold bath or shower to lower your overall body temperature

It is important to provide awareness within your workplace regarding the importance of summer sun safety, it is relevant for employees who work indoors as well as outdoor. BDHL can provide options for prevention as well as cure. We can organise routine health screens and testing of employees’ health and wellbeing on site.

BDHL work with companies with both SME’s and multinational corporations as well as individuals and families that are in the UK, Channel Islands and Internationally. Each client is offered a personal, bespoke service from our dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly team. BDHL can also provide advice on your companies’ health and wellbeing strategy.

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Image thanks to Angela L