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Private Serious Illness Cover

As a Specialist Health Related insurance broker BDHL has chosen to work exclusively with Vitality to provide you and your family with comprehensive private Serious Illness Cover.

Vitality is a leading insurance company who make it easier for you to learn about your health and get healthier through the Vitality Programme with partnerships including Apple Watch, Caffè Nero, Amazon Prime, Nike, Champneys, Virgin, Waitrose, Odeon and Vue – plus more. What’s more, when you add Vitality’s Optimiser to either your Personal Protection Plan, Business Protection Plan or Relevant Life Plan you’ll receive the best available premium – it’s how they share the benefits of healthy habits back to their members.

· All VitalityLife’s products are 5* Defaqto rated

· Vitality paid 96.4% of Income Protection claims in 2019.

· Vitality has thousands of 5 Star Trustpilot reviews.

· Vitality’s Serious Illness Cover includes more conditions than any other insurer2.

What is private serious illness cover?

If you’re diagnosed with a serious illness that is listed as covered on your serious illness policy then the insurance company will pay out a lump sum. The payout is tax-free and can cover your expenses while you take time to recover.

Do I need private serious illness cover?

Illness can impact our lives at any time. On average, people are £570 worse off each month due to cancer diagnosis. Insurance cover can reduce the financial impact of this3. Consider serious illness cover if:

· You and your family rely on your income

· You’re a single income household, or are the main breadwinner

· Government benefits wouldn’t cover your outgoings, or you’re not eligible.

What conditions are covered?

Vitality Private Serious Illness Cover

You can choose between two levels of Serious Illness Cover; Serious Illness Cover which includes cover for 153 conditions and Serious Illness Cover Plus which includes 182 conditions and Cancer Relapse Benefit. Both levels of cover include more conditions than any other insurer in the market.

Examples of conditions covered are:-

✓ All heart attacks, all strokes and more cancers than any other provider2

✓ Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

✓ Liver disease

✓ Dementia

✓ Coronary artery by-pass surgery

✓ Kidney failure

✓ Major organ transplant

✓ Multiple sclerosis.

Vitality Mortgage Serious Illness Cover

Vitality’s Mortgage Serious Illness Cover includes cover for 153 conditions and enables members to pay off some or all of their mortgage if they suffer a serious illness.

Vitality Later Life Options

Vitality’s Later Life Options are unique to Serious Illness Cover. Later Life Options provide two levels of protection, designed to support your independence in later life with cover for dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke and frailty.

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1 Vitality Claims and Benefits Report, 2020.

2 Defaqto, June 2021. 3 MacMillan Cancers Hidden Price Tag

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