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Private Dental Insurance

We all want to take care of our teeth. Whether you are seen by an NHS or Private Dentist, BDHL has a private dental insurance policy that will cover you for check-ups and routine care such as fillings and crowns – and extendible to cover oral cancer care and accident and emergency treatment. Dental insurance can help to protect you against the unexpected and the untimely expenditure of dental treatments. If you run a business, click here to see how you can enjoy reduced rates with a group dental insurance plan.

Benefits of Private Dental Insurance

The right Dental Cover offers you and your family the flexibility to have routine check-ups and treatment at a more convenient time, allowing for reduced time off work or missed hours at school. A Private Dental Policy offers advantages:

  • Speedy treatment
  • Hygiene treatments
  • Restorative treatments
  • Easy claims process
  • Dentist of choice
  • Treatment without the worry of a large bill to pay afterwards
  • Reduction in lost hours at work
  • Can cover pre-existing conditions covered (subject to policy rules)
  • A dental insurance policy can provide the choice of any NHS or private practice in the UK
  • Worldwide protection for accidental damage and emergency treatment
  • Cover for accidents and sports injury

But why get private dental insurance when you’re covered by the NHS? It’s simple – the NHS does not cover all your dental costs (as it would for medical costs), meaning you will still be expected to pay some amount for treatments. The most basic examinations may cost £18.80, but even a filling can cost upwards of £50 and more advanced procedures – crowns, dentures, bridges, etc. – can sail over £200.

What’s more, the NHS may only offer certain levels of care for these prices, a common example is the additional cost of choosing a white porcelain filling over a grey amalgam filling.

Combine your insurance with a cash plan

BDHL can also offer private cash plans to supplement your private dental insurance. Cash plans offer a lump sum whenever medical or dental costs are incurred, even for something as simple as a check-up. Whilst cash plans aren’t suitable as a replacement for private dental insurance, many people stand to benefit greatly from them and BDHL can help make sure you get the best deal when combining the two.

Let BDHL help you

BDHL are experts in finding the right solution for your specific insurance needs. For more information on Dental Insurance and the advantageous benefits of supplementing it with low cost cash plan contact the BDHL advisory team by calling +44 (0)1892 891 900, or use the contact form provided on this page to send an email enquiry.

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