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Group Dental Insurance

Group Dental Insurance can provide cover for check-ups and routine care such as fillings and crowns, as well as covering the costs for oral cancer care and accident and emergency treatment, whether seen by an NHS or by a Private Dentist.

Group Dental Insurance

Providing your employees with cover for dental care means that they don’t have to worry about expensive dental bills from check-ups or routine care, meaning that they can maintain healthy dental hygiene while continuing with their work. Offering dental insurance to your employees means they can get the dental treatment they need, at a conveniently located dentist of their choice, without the worry of having a large bill to pay afterwards. Dental insurance cover is just one of the corporate health insurance policies BDHL can offer, you can further expand your employees’ cover with group private medical insurance or group critical illness insurance. Dental cover can be essential as it alleviates the stress of unexpected dental bills and ensures that your employees can carry on with their work without having to worry about their dental health.

A group private dental insurance policy provides employees with cover for speedy treatment, hygiene treatments, restorative treatments, a dentist or your choice near you, emergency dentist treatment, teeth whitening, root canal treatment, tooth extraction and tooth fillings. Orthodontist treatment, clear braces and dental implants.

As part of BDHL’s commitment to ensuring that all of our policies account for a degree of flexibility that is beneficial to those who utilise them, those who take advantage of our corporate dental insurance in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and throughout the country can chose to have a dental check-up or procedure carried out at any dental practice in the UK and Worldwide, ensuring that if they are already registered at a dental practice they won’t need to change, or they will have the option to go somewhere that may specialise in a specific treatment.

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